Brewery routes

What Belgium is famous for as well is, of course, beer. Belgium is worldwide recognized as the cradle of beer. An excellent way to relax is a discovery trip to types of beer and breweries in the beautiful nature of the Ardennes. In the Ardennes, breweries are cherished. Quiet roads leading to bistros full of character and local and often artisanal breweries can be found everywhere. The welcome and atmosphere remind of lodges of the past. At the camping, four routes with the theme beer are available. One of these begins close to the camping. This route is 157 kilometers and takes you pasat Brewery Val Dieu and Brewery La Ferme au Chêne. Absolutely recommended! As if you would not have enough options yet, there are thirteen signposted car routes which show the exceptional diversity of landscapes of the entire province of Liège.

Beer breweries in Belgium - Google Maps

Map with breweries - Belgian Beer Routes