Ardenparks Spa d'Or
Fishing in the Ardennes

Fishing in the Ardennes

  • 4 km from Lake Warfaaz
  • Fishing ponds at 12 km from the camping
  • Camping & rental

Fishing in the Ardennes

Fishing in open nature has an enormous appeal to those who love the sport. The unspoiled nature, many small creeks, large rivers and beautiful lakes make for a wonderful backdrop while fishing in the Ardennes. Pike, bass, grayling, rainbow trout, common roach, carp and many other kinds of fish can be found in the waters of this gigantic nature area.

Ardenparks Spa d’Or, a four-star camping in Sart-lez-Spa, near the city of Spa, is an ideal base camp for a fishing holiday in the Ardennes. Lake Warfaaz is located at just 4 kilometers from the camping, you'll mostly be able to catch the common roach, bream, carp, pike and trout here. Pêcherie de Foyeuru in Jalhay at 12 kilometers from the camping offers four fishing ponds, two large ones and two small ones, where you can cast a line in a beautiful area.

Please note that you need a fishing license, also known as a fishing permit, if you'd like to go fishing in the Ardennes. You can purchase one online or at a post office. Regulations apply to which fish you can and cannot catch as well, and in which season. It is advisable to obtain information beforehand or to request specifics at the local tourist office.


Fishing holiday Ardennes

Are you going on a fishing holiday and are you looking for a camping in the Ardennes near some great fishing spots? Ardenparks Spa d'Or will be happy to welcome you. Our four-star camping near fishing spots and fishing ponds in the Ardennes will allow you to fully enjoy yourself and relax during your stay. Whether you're going for a weekend away or a long vacation, our facilities will ensure that you'll have an unforgettable time.

Our camping features spacious trailer sites and camping spots for you to camp with your own tent, motor home or caravan. The sanitary facilities are excellent and there are facilities for children and disabled guests as well. For those who like a bit of extra luxury, we offer cozy hiker's cabins and luxurious mobile homes for four to six persons. These come fully furnished with a kitchen and a bathroom.

The facilities at Ardenparks Spa d'Or are extensive and high-quality. Children will have a great vacation as well thanks to the heated swimming pool and toddler's pool, as well as the professional entertainment team during school holidays.

A list of our facilities:

  • Heated swimming pool and toddler's pool (23°C)
  • Café and restaurant
  • Professional entertainment team (school holidays)
  • Spacious trailer sites and camping spots
  • Luxurious mobile homes
  • Excellent sanitary facilities (also for disabled guests)
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Bicycle rental
  • Sports fields
  • Hospitable reception team

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