Downhill Kick-bike Cross (mostly) downhill through the forests and on paved paths with a special, sturdy outdoor kick-bike. The tour will take about 35 minutes (depending on your speed). This is a spectacular activity that won't take too much of your energy, but will leave a memorable impression! Cross Country Kick-bike You will take a beautiful tour through the forests with a special, sturdy kick-bike. This tour is better suited for those who want to be active, compared to the Downhill Kick-bike, and like an amazing downhill part every now and then. Visit our website for more information:

Down Hill Scooter

Use a special, robust outdoor scooter to go through the woods and on paved paths (predominantly) downhill. The trip takes about 35 minutes (depending on your speed). It is a spectacular activity that will not cost you too much effort, but will leave an unforgettable impression!

Cross Country Scooter

Using a special, robust outdoor scooter, you will go on a beautiful route through the woods.This tour is more suitable for those who want to be active with an occasional cool descent in comparison to the Down Hill Scooter tour.

More information can be found on our website:

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Evening activities

In the evening, both young and old can enjoy various evening activities. For example; performances are organized, entertainment is provided, etc.

Challenge Parcours La Venne Coo and Domaine Long Pre

Take the ‘challenge’ as a team. A firm walk through the woods leads along various obstacles: a climbing net, a balance beam over a small stream to an island where we conquer a rope loop bridge, a catcrawl, and an Indian bridge. Scrambling along the high riverbank and crossing the Amblève a number of times with the help of various rope bridges. A raft crossing, and to top it all: slide down the spectacularly high zip line. We start this activity at 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. because the activity takes about 3.5 hours!

Downhill mountain biking Coo

Mountain biking a tough sport? Well then, how about this: go up by car and, in a small group with an instructor, take a sporty and spectacular ride from top to bottom! Downhill mountain biking requires a lot more technique than 'regular' mountain biking. But the instructor will be happy to teach you the principles of these techniques. Our professional full suspension mountain bikes give you the possibility to comfortably experience this tour. A reasonable condition could come in handy.

Dropping Coo

In the evening, when it's dark, the participants will be dropped in the middle of nowhere in small groups and should find their way back by themselves (obviously with some instructions from our side). The duration is about 1 hour if the group follows the correct route... Of course, it also depends on their sense of direction, but most of all on the collaboration and team spirit of the group. With fewer or more instructions given by the instructor, the route may take longer or shorter. If you wish, you can specify it! Before starting, every group will receive our phone number for emergencies.

Hike with map and compass from Coo or from the camping (half or whole day)

After a good instruction on the basis of map reading and using a compass, you are off to put this knowledge into practice. An orienteering tour is a walking tour with map and compass where the right compass codes and information is given to you; these should ensure that you will get back to the right point! An obstacle or assignment can be: a hole in the map or the use of transparent overlay maps.

Canoe rental or tour of Coo or Erezee (1 or 2 people; whole or half day)

Enjoy the tranquility and the sound of water under the guidance of an experienced instructor. We'll navigate the river Amblève from the town of Coo to Cheneux (about 9 km). We'll travel downstream through the rustic water landscape. Meanwhile, the instructor will give instructions on canoeing techniques because, beware, the rapids will sometimes get stronger and it will really be necessary to work hard... Canoeing is always subject to the water level. An alternative can be agreed on in consultation with each other.

Climbing and abseiling Coo

The climbing site near Aywaille challenges you to reach the top! After an explanation about climbing and securing, the group can climb the natural rocks to their heart's content. A little further on, we can do a spectacular abseil. All techniques will be discussed, as well as teamwork, strength, and confidence in the other. The climbing can be done in different levels of difficulty so, technically, everyone can take part in this activity! Of course, the participants are secured by climbing harnesses. Our instructors keep a close eye on safety!


You can go ziplining (also called Death Ride) during the day or in the evening. The zipline is 12 meters high and the average speed is about 35 km/h. Visit our website for more information:

Archery and rifle shooting

Archery and rifle shooting. These sports call for some skill, so the instructors will help you. During the activity we will cover techniques and several types of games, with everyone's safety guaranteed, of course. Visit our website for more information:

Quad driving

Quad driving After the initial briefing we will start with some free range driving to get to know the quad. Then the group will leave for a trial run through the mud with obstacles. We finish up with a friendly race. Driving time is about 28 minutes. Visit our website for more information: