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Camping Eifel National Park

Camping Eifel National Park

  • On the edge of Eifel National Park
  • Child-friendly
  • Camping & rental

Camping Eifel National Park

Go for a vacation at a camping in Eifel National Park and enjoy the boundless forests, beautiful mountains and deep valleys. Hikers, cyclists and nature enthusiasts will be able to marvel at the natural beauty. The National park is a transnational nature park that's located partly in Belgium and partly in Germany. The western area is officially called Hoge Venen after its unique marshlands and rivers.

Ardenparks Spa d'Or is located on the edge of Hoge Venen Eifel National Park. At our camping, you can go camping with your own tent, motor home or caravan, or you and your family could rent a cozy hiker's cabin or mobile home. These accommodations offer room for four or six persons, depending on their type, and come equipped with all the comforts you could wish for. Our newest accommodation, the Taos, is a very luxurious design home with a sleek interior, surrounded by nature. Have a look at our offer of camping spots and accommodations.

Nothing will be lacking during your stay at our child-friendly, four-star camping in the Belgian Ardennes. We offer a wide range of facilities and activities, for all ages, which will guarantee a carefree and unforgettable holiday.

Our camping facilities:

  • Heated swimming pool and toddler's pool (23°C)
  • Spacious trailer sites and camping spots
  • Luxurious mobile homes
  • Excellent sanitary facilities (also for disabled guests)
  • Café and restaurant
  • Professional entertainment team (school holidays)
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Bicycle rental
  • Sports fields
  • Hospitable reception team

Camping in the area of Eifel National Park

If you're staying at our camping in the area of Eifel National Park, there's a nature park the size of 15,000 soccer fields right at your doorstep, offering 240 kilometers of hiking routes. Set out into magnificent nature. The many hiking routes are clearly marked on the maps, and the signage system is easy to follow. You're free to set out into nature on your own, but you also have the option of exploring the park with a guide.

We definitely recommend going into the woods with a park ranger. The hike is free, and you'll learn all about the wonders of this unique nature area. Make sure to wear proper hiking shoes and keep your eyes peeled - you just might spot a wild deer, a beaver or the dipper at the river banks.

Eifel National Park

Eifel National Park

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