Plopsa Coo

Plopsa Coo consists of more than 20 attractions. In the company of many heroes, you can admire the spectacular waterfalls and spend exceptional moments on more than 20 attractions such as the "Bobsleigh" track, the "Halvar Coaster" or the "Karting". And certainly don't forget to try the chairlift to the top for an incredible view of the Amblève valley. At Plopsa Coo, you will be overwhelmed by a waterfall of adventures! At Plopsa Coo, you will meet realistic dinosaurs and a mix of nature and adventure that can amaze both young and old.

The Caves of Han

The Caves of Han can be found in Han-sur-Lesse, a small village in the Belgian Ardennes. The famous Caves of Han are among the main attractions of Belgium and are visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year. The Caves of Han is the only Belgian attraction that is rated with three stars in the famed Michelin Guide. Since opening, over a hundred years ago, more than 18 million people have visited the cave.

Thermes of Spa

The Thermes of Spa. Spa is located on the edge of the High Ardennes. This town has a rich history as a spa town because of the clean air of the Ardennes and the hot springs that emerge in Spa. The Thermes of Spa are world famous. The new thermal center is built high above the city on a hill. A funicular connects the city center of Spa with the Thermes.

Domain of Bérinzenne

The Domain of Bérinzenne is located along the Fens of Malchamps and in the heart of the forest of Spa. It offers two absolutely different landscapes to the public; heathlands that are left more or less wooded because of the centuries-old mixed farming system, and a forest consisting of beeches, oaks, but also resin trees. Near the High Fens, but still little known to the general public, you can find the Fens of Malchamps. They also have a subsoil rich in mineral water, better known as the waters of Spa. These waters have made Spa famous.


Situated between Liège and Maastricht, the Blegny-Mine is one of the four authentic coal mines in Europe where the underground galleries are still accessible to the visitors. Take the elevator cage down into another world. You'll get to see a presentation about the use of the machines and the underground equipment. You'll hear all bout the daily lives of the miners; their joys, their concerns, their fears, and their working conditions. Next, you'll discover the secrets of the sorting and washing installations, from the arrival of the mineral up to the transport.

Forestia, animal and adventure park

In the middle of the Ardennes, in the province of Liège, you can find the Forestia animal park. This park is almost 100 acres in size and is a privatized park where you'll get introduced to more than 300 animals. The nice thing about the park is that a large proportion of the animals you can see here are native animals. You'll get to see beavers, boar, deer, and wolves in a natural environment. The park is built on hilly terrain.

Franchimont Castle

The Franchimont Castle is a medieval fortress, built in the 11th century on a rocky outcrop, overlooking three valleys north of the Ardennes. The castle from the 11th and 12th century constituted the heart of the fortress which was surrounded by a huge defensive wall since the beginning of the 16th century. This structure is one of the few examples of the evolution of defense systems during the Renaissance, where people were especially making use of bunkers and underground access corridors. You'll discover a wealth of Walloon heritage by making an interactive visit with a personal audio guide.

Stavelot Abbey

Whether you're interested in the history of one of the oldest monastic foundations in Belgium or of the most beautiful racing circuit in the world; or if you want to immerse yourself in the artistic universe of one of the most remarkable characters from the 19th century, the poet Guillaume Apollinaire: come and discover Stavelot Abbey and get to know this monument that is listed as major heritage of Wallonia.