Ardenparks Spa d'Or
Kajakken in Spa

Canoe rental or tour of Coo or Erezee (1 or 2 people; whole or half day)

Around park: 0km

Enjoy the tranquility and the sound of water under the guidance of an experienced instructor. We'll navigate the river Amblève from the town of Coo to Cheneux (about 9 km). We'll travel downstream through the rustic water landscape. Meanwhile, the instructor will give instructions on canoeing techniques because, beware, the rapids will sometimes get stronger and it will really be necessary to work hard... Canoeing is always subject to the water level. An alternative can be agreed on in consultation with each other.


A 9km sailing tour in 1-person or 2-person kayaks on the Amblevève near Stavelot. You can complete this tour at your own pace and totally independently. You can return the material at the end point, and you will be taken back to the starting point with a van. You can start the activity until 2 PM.

For this activity, a swimming certificate is required. Please note that kayaking is dependent on the water level. You can check whether the river is open for kayaking due to the water level or national fishing days at the following page:

If the water level is below 1m3 s, the river will be closed by the government. If the water level is between 1-1.5m3/s, there is a high risk of getting stuck on rocks during the trip.
If the water level is higher than 8m3/s, kayaking is not possible, however you can go rafting instead.

More information can be found on our website:

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