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Climbing and abseiling Coo

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The climbing site near Aywaille challenges you to reach the top! After an explanation about climbing and securing, the group can climb the natural rocks to their heart's content. A little further on, we can do a spectacular abseil. All techniques will be discussed, as well as teamwork, strength, and confidence in the other. The climbing can be done in different levels of difficulty so, technically, everyone can take part in this activity! Of course, the participants are secured by climbing harnesses. Our instructors keep a close eye on safety!

Survival Life

Survival Life has a natural cliff face, with several climbing routes and a cave system.
Under the supervision of the instructors, you descend into a non-touristic cave to explore the corridors by walk and crawling. First you will walk on a route to get used to the cave and its climate. After that, you will start an absolutely unique activity. Through several abseils, you will descend (far below the ground) tens of meters to the deepest point of the cave. After that, you will climb up through the different climb passages and corridors to see the sunlight once more. An unforgettable experience!

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