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Adventure walk | Camping Spa d'Or

Challenge Parcours La Venne Coo and Domaine Long Pre

Around park: 0km

Take the ‘challenge’ as a team. A firm walk through the woods leads along various obstacles: a climbing net, a balance beam over a small stream to an island where we conquer a rope loop bridge, a catcrawl, and an Indian bridge. Scrambling along the high riverbank and crossing the Amblève a number of times with the help of various rope bridges. A raft crossing, and to top it all: slide down the spectacularly high zip line. We start this activity at 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. because the activity takes about 3.5 hours!

Adventure walk

During this 7 km adventurous tour through the Ardennes' forests and meadows you will follow the trail using a map and compass, and an intersection route. You will perform several team tasks and by solving a photo puzzle tour you will reach a zip wire course. At the end you will cross a rope bridge.

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