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Outdoor Kick-bike

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Downhill Kick-bike Cross (mostly) downhill through the forests and on paved paths with a special, sturdy outdoor kick-bike. The tour will take about 35 minutes (depending on your speed). This is a spectacular activity that won't take too much of your energy, but will leave a memorable impression! Cross Country Kick-bike You will take a beautiful tour through the forests with a special, sturdy kick-bike. This tour is better suited for those who want to be active, compared to the Downhill Kick-bike, and like an amazing downhill part every now and then. Visit our website for more information:

Down Hill Scooter

Use a special, robust outdoor scooter to go through the woods and on paved paths (predominantly) downhill. The trip takes about 35 minutes (depending on your speed). It is a spectacular activity that will not cost you too much effort, but will leave an unforgettable impression!

Cross Country Scooter

Using a special, robust outdoor scooter, you will go on a beautiful route through the woods.This tour is more suitable for those who want to be active with an occasional cool descent in comparison to the Down Hill Scooter tour.

More information can be found on our website:

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